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The 2020 new-production of Aida which was set to open the 2020/21 theatre season has now been postponed to October 2021. This was made public by Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri when he announced the postponement of the two October operas in the presence of the two Victoria theatre Presidents, including the Aurora's own, Dr Michael Caruana.

Posted: 15th June 2020

Aida postponed to October 2021.
2020 Opera Month will be re-configured with mainly online events.

On Friday last, 12 June 2020, Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri hosted Dr Michael Caruana, President of the Leone Philharmonic Society and Teatru tal-Opra Aurora, together with Mr Michael Formosa, his counterpart from the Astra Theatre at the Ministry for Gozo to announce that the October operas for which Gozo is so renowned are being postponed to October 2021.

The announcement in itself signals two important aspects. Primarily, it recognises the international profile of the Gozo operas both from the demand and supply sides. While international demand is quite easy to have it understood, the international aspect in the supply side may come as quite a surprise to some. It is not only about the foreign singers that need to be secured, taking into consideration their other engagements, departure airports and return destinations. It also includes supplementary chorus singers, perhaps dancers, props and specialised materials as well as certain supplies for costumes and sets, many of which would have already been trans-shipped. It is only natural that on a small island like Gozo (and Malta for that matter), an opera that strives to increase its quality to international standards is intrinsically linked with foreign suppliers, even if the powerhouse behind the whole project is entirely endemic. 

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Additionally, the ministerial announcement of the postponement of the Gozo operas in October underlines the pivotal role of these events (and the theatre companies behind them) in the image, identity, economy and market to which Gozo projects itself. This is particularly true in October, which has essentially become a welcomed extension to the summer season insofar tourism on the island is concerned. It is for this greater purpose that opera at the Aurora enjoys the distinguished support of Arts Council Malta together with the Ministry for Gozo, who run and administer the Gozo Cultural Support Programme.

The Gozo Cultural Support Programme shall in fact, this year, support the alternative programme of events that will be announced in due course, making opera in Gozo more present in digital and cyber form.

... the pivotal role of these events (and the theatre companies behind them) in the image, identity, economy and market to which Gozo projects itself.

The postponement of Aida from October 2020 to October 2021 comes after months of talks between various stakeholders, including the Aurora Opera House itself and its main sponsors as well as the Health Authorities. The bold decision, albeit a saddening one, was taken in the best interest of our volunteer activists, our distinguished artistes and our beloved audiences. It does by no means mean that we foresee an autumn lockdown. God willing, we shall all be fine in October and we'll be lucky to think, come October, that we were over-cautious in postponing the opera performance. However, one understands that the actual opera-night is just a tiny fraction of a much larger project that should have been up-and-running in the past weeks and months when we were responsibly confined indoors.

Patrons who had purchased their seats shall be offered the option to transfer their tickets to the 2021 production, on 9th October 2021 or get a refund. Patrons who had their 2020 seats reserved, will be given first preference to retain their seats for the 2021 appointment. These distinguished supporters will be contacted by the theatre box office in the coming days.

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