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INGLESE: The time has come for all of us to pause for a moment and take a look around us. Here at the Aurora Opera House, if we look around us we see each and every one of you. Yes, you! You who have graced our theatre with your presence; you who have collaborated with us; you who have communicated with us and helped us ride over new learning curves; you who may have covered our events in the press; all of you who allowed us to feel fulfilled in having met you, served you and entertained you.

Aggiornato: 22 Dicembre 2015

Indeed, we send our heartfelt wishes with profound gratitude, not for having served us, not for what you have been for us, but for what you allowed us to be for you; for having allowed us to entertain you, to help you, to serve you… in any way.
So with this we wish you a very happy and holy Christmas, and a prosperous new year. 
A promising new year
2015 was quite eventful for the Aurora Opera House. We had the pleasure to host the Gaulitanus Choir who came with their exquisite production of Rigoletto in May as part of their Gaulitana Festival, while we had our own massively successful production of La Traviata last October. We also had the opportunity to host a number of personalities, to participate in international fora, to do our share in Earth Hour 2015, and to showcase our art in an international documentary still in the making. We were delighted to venture into a new form of intimate theatre, all the while hosting thousands of school children and empower them with the magnificent opportunity of theatre work integrated into their curriculum. Yes, 2015 was quite eventful, and that's how we plan to have 2016 coming.
Sadly enough, but with a thankful sense of fraternity, the Aurora Opera House was also there to show support to the international community, and to a fellow performance venue, Paris's Bataclan, when they (in particular) were made to taste the sour taste of terrorism. Let us hope and pray that 2016 brings brighter prospects in that regard.
From our end, we're trying to colour it, first and foremost with some more opera: the Gaulitanus Choir's Il Barbiere di Siviglia is on, on April 23rd 2016, while our own new production of Bizet's Carmen is on, on October 15th 2016. Online sales for Il Barbiere are available, with a 10% discount until end of year, while online sales for Carmen will be available as from the new year.
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Christmas Variety | The Hidden Gift

In the meantime, we are celebrating this Christmas at the Aurora with a Christmas variety entrusted to our young volunteers. Together they are putting up one sweet Christmas variety - a cross between drama and talent showcase - this Wednesday at 8pm. Proceeds will go in aid for Puttinu Cares, a local charity that works for local children and cancer patients and their families, many of whom would need to be treated in UK hospitals. Tickets at €5.00 are available online via www.teatruaurora.com, via the ticket helpline 79045779, by email on teatruaurora@leone.org.mt or at the door.
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Christmas Good Deed | The Noble Gift - Blood Donation

And while the Aurora stage invites you to discover and enjoy the story of the hidden gift, the Aurora staff invites you to join it for the 'noble' gift of life, through blood donation. In order to mark the Christmas season with yet another good deed, the Aurora staff is organising a group of volunteers to donate blood on a special session on Sunday morning - 27th December, at the Gozo General Hospital. If you're interested in joining, just drop an email on teatruaurora@leone.org.mt. If you have always been hesitant, we invite you to pluck up the courage. Our group will be full of first-timers like you. We'll stand together to help those who are unfortunate enough to need this noble gift - blood.
Dear friends, dear readers, dear followers,
A Very Merry Christmas to all!