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ENGLISCH: Alexander Telin is a Russian-born artist who currently resides in Malta. He is a painter and production designer, having graduated in 1990 from the Moscow State Academic Art Institute. Since then, he has been repeatedly awarded and decorated with numerous prizes including the Russian Academy of Arts, the Russian Union of Artists, Moscow Union of Artists and the Moscow Association of Painters.

Bekannt: 10 Marz 2015

15.03.16 Aurora Opera Inspires Art Album IconDEThe artist himself designates his creative work as Deep Pictorial Art. The academic schooling, as well as impressionism, modern, school of ancient Byzantine painting and of course, the Fayum portraits, are reflected in technique, in the presenting of a picture, in creating an artistic image, in work with tone and color. Telin is currently residing and working in Malta, so he is steadily building a portfolio of Malta-inspired works. He is putting together a "Maltese collection" in co-authorship with Maria El. Several exhibitions were held in the Russian Cultural Centre in Malta, in Paris, Atelier Z gallery of Madame Peugeot, at the Radisson hotel, as well as in the framework of the exposition of the Maltese Union of Artists.

The artists say: “We are creating this collection in gratitude to the island and its people. The Maltese archipelago has gifted us with many themes for our paintings. We are enchanted by the majesty of its beauty, the emotional creative atmosphere, the unique lifestyle of the islanders living in harmony with nature and each other. It’s a place where progressive views and respect for the traditions of their ancestors come together. We feel the need to embody all of this on canvas and share it with others as generously as Malta is sharing it with us.

And one of these inspirations was opera at the Aurora. Telin and El had the good fortune to attend the 2012 production of Turandot in which Maria Guleghina played the title role. Since then, they recall, they have not missed an opera production at the Aurora. But more importantly than that, the whole opera experience inspired Telin to paint two remarkable pictures. One of them entitled “UFO at the Opera”, inspired from the Aurora’s intricately designed ceiling and the other entitled “The Ferry of Theatregoers”, inspired from the abnormally elegant commuters who are not normally spotted on the ferry boat between Malta and Gozo.

Telin also accompanied these two paintings with poetic verses, originally written in Russian. But for our benefit, they have been translated into English and read as follows:

UFO at the Opera

Gozo-is an island of mystery and wonders,

They are not extraordinary here.

There, there! You see the UFO goes under

The cupola of the theatre.

The audience is too busy with the play, than

With the UFO. And does not notice anything unusual

And only lady with a crescent fan

Stands there and makes us see the mystery that is crucial.

The Ferry of Theatregoers

I notice, once a year there is a ferry, grand tour

Full of Theatregoers; they travel to Gozo Isle…

You recognize them by the dress code, Haute Couture!

They travel to the land of theatre, opera and theatre smile.

The landscape – is the scenery;

Glorious Gozo looks like a great illusion,

It beckons us with its fireworks plenary

Into the land of acting, theatre and delusion!

As a sign of goodwill and thanks for being so inspirational, Mr Telin and Ms El presented two limited edition prints of these paintings, in their original size of 90cm x 90cm and 70cm x 90cm to the Aurora Opera House, on Monday 9th March 2015. Secretary Mr Roderick Cordina accepted these paintings on the behalf of the Leone Philharmonic Society – owner and manager of the Aurora Opera House – and thanked the artistes for their contribution. He expressed satisfaction at having our theatre inspiring such artistic work. The Aurora theatre will surely appreciate and cherish this work of art.

It is the theatre’s hope (and mission) that through its activities, particularly those upcoming ones, it continues to instill love for the arts and actually inspire arts and artistes, be they performing, expressive or visual.

The Aurora Theatre is currently selling 3 different shows: << Let It Go: a danced tale >> by The Art Factory, on Easter Sunday 5th April 2015 at 5pm, << Rigoletto >> by Gaulitanus Choir as part of the Gaulitana festival of music on Friday 22nd May 2015 at 8pm and << La Traviata >>, the Aurora’s own opera production on Saturday 17th October 2015 at 7.30pm. Tickets for all events are available online from www.teatruaurora.com.

Mr Telin’s works of art, including these two paintings may be viewed at www.telinalex.com or at the artist’s gallery in Gżira, Malta.

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