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The Teatru tal-Opra Aurora is proud to announce the one-time online streaming of the 1999 production of Aida, this Wednesday 25th March 2020 starting at 2030hrs (Central European Time). The 2 hour 45 minute long production will be streamed on facebook.com/TeatruAurora or www.teatruaurora.com and will be available for re-viewing for 24 hours.

Posted: 23rd March 2020

Aurora Streams: Aida1999

It’s not only nostalgia, but a display of how much we’ve strode forward in twenty years

As the whole country joins the rest of the world in adapting to physical and social restrictions as a response to the Corona Virus phenomenon, many cultural agents, not the least, the Aurora Opera House had to suppress their activity. However, it is a social responsibility of houses of the arts to keep the population entertained with arts and culture of good taste. With this in mind, therefore, it comes very easy and natural for the Aurora to regale its friends and followers with a trip down memory lane.

The Aurora’s first-ever Aida was performed on 24th April 1999. Colin Attard conducted the then National Philharmonic Orchestra and Aurora Opera Chorus. Novella Tabili was Stage Director. The cast included Anna Valdetarra (Aida), Andrea Elena (Radames), Alessandra Cannettieri (Amneris), Luigi De Corato (Amonasro), Mario Luperi (Ramfis), Anthony Montebello (The King), Rita Dimech (The Priestess) and Elias Cassar (The Messenger).

...an attestation of the big strides that the Aurora has done in opera production.

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In the wider context of the Corona Virus saga, the Aurora is holding tight, and so far, plans for its third Aida on 10th October 2020 are still in place. So in a way, this one-time streaming is a way of grouping together – all of us at the production house, our volunteers and our base of loyal patron. It is a way of warming up together. For many of us, it is also about a big sense of nostalgia – with all those dear and familiar faces of people no longer with us; people to whom we owe this exceptional story of love, known to us by the name of ‘opera’.

But more than that, it is also an attestation of the big strides that the Aurora has done in opera production, from the pool of artists, to set construction; from costumes and props to production gear and equipment. It may seem unfair to judge the 1999 production by today’s yardstick, but at the same time, it is solid evidence of how much we have come forward, thanks to our volunteers in all strata of the production process, with their innate will and drive to learn, to improve, to travel around to absorb, assimilate and translate back home, ultimately for the benefit of none other than our esteemed audiences.

Those who choose to join us this Wednesday at 8:30pm (Malta time), or in any of the following 24 hours, will see the Aurora rising to the national anthem upon the entrance of His Excellency the President of Malta (the late Guido de Marco, back in 1999); they will see caro Carletto, maestro Ventura, when we still had the prompter and his niche; and needless to say, they will also see two horses on stage when the number of four-legged creatures amongst the cast was still a benchmark that goes beyond purely equine purposes.

2020.10.10 Opera Aida Event IconTwenty years have passed since then. Lots of things have changed, but the core soul of the theatre that does opera for love remained steadfast, resolute and unwavering. Since 1999, Aida returned in 2009 and it will make its third appearance on 10th October 2020 (online sales available here), when we hope it will also mark a victory over the troubles we are going through, so that we can really and truly, together sing:

Grazie agli Dei rendete
Nel fortunate dí

[Thank we our gods, and praise we
On this triumphant day]

Aida, performed on 24th April 1999 under the distinguished patronage of H.E. Guido De Marco, President of Malta, was filmed by CVC Media (Gozo). It will be streamed on be streamed on facebook.com/TeatruAurora or www.teatruaurora.com, on Wednesday 25th March 2020 starting at 2030hrs (Central European Time) and will be available for re-viewing for 24 hours. It lasts 2hours and 40 minutes.