15.01.08 Well done and thank you all… again News Image
Tenore Stuart A. Neill interpretando Manrico, Il Trovatore, che finisce con la trionfante "Di quella pira" | Foto: Shaun Sultana

INGLESE: It has been a real pleasure to re-live the successful production of our Il Trovatore (2014) as it was broadcast nationwide on TVM2 yesterday evening. Thus, a short word of thanks and well done is in order, once again.

Aggiornato: 8 Gennaio 2015

Il Trovatore on TVM2 Event IconTrovatore EventOpera at the Aurora mobilises scores of people, reaching three-digit figures. It is always a very moving and engaging experience of group-work, team effort, and strength in unity. The way opera is done at the Aurora is a really and truly show of force and show of love. It stands as a living witness of what hard work, dedication and a critical eye for detail can produce.

Last October, the audience that graced the majestic theatre with which we are so proud (and who can blame us for that?!) had the chance to savour the results of this hard work, this dedication and this critical eye for detail.

Now, as it had been announced since last month, yesterday, this chance was extended to one and all as it was broadcast nationwide on TVM2 as well as online on www.tvm.com.mt, the national television’s online portal.

And we have to admit, that although we knew the (successful) outcome of the production and that night, and although many of us were (assumingly) sitting back relaxed in a couch, each and everyone went through his or her adrenaline rush again at one moment or another.

Again, the Aurora theatre owes a big “thank you” to everyone involved in the production – from the main soloists to the smallest auxiliary actor on stage; from the musical and artistic director, to the smallest stagehand; from the top administration members to the smallest theatre volunteer; from the highest VIP in attendance to the most humble opera patron. Of course, due thanks also go the PBS Ltd for filming, editing and broadcasting the opera production.


Until the next one… La Traviata, that is

With Il Trovatore’s success at our backs, now we look forward to the next one, which is another eagerly expected and much anticipated one. Indeed, Aurora staff and loyal patrons look forward to another Verdi-favourite: La Traviata, whose date is set as October 17th 2015.

Seat reservations and/or sales, including online are set to open on January 15th 2015. Patrons may use the email address info@leone.org.mt or the contact us facility of this website for queries and tickets request. Otherwise they may visit www.teatruaurora.com to purchase online tickets there and then.

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