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Il Teatru é orgoglioso di ospitare  << Winter Moods & Friends >>, un concerto inclusivo per i personi disabili, e la premiazione del Premio Soċjetá Ġusta (Societá Giusta) sotto il patrocinio distinto di S.E. Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, Presidente di Malta, la Domenica 7 Dicembre 2014 alle ore 20.00, al Teatru tal-Opra Aurora.

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Il 'Premju Soċjetà' Gusta'è a dir poco la celebrazione di una grande mole di lavoro, l'impegno e la dedizione di essere prese da persone coinvolte in questo settore.

INGLESE: More than 20 nominations were submitted. Those who wish to attend must book by calling 2590 3175. The concert will be held in aid of the Marigold Foundation and thus a donation of €5 will be collected at the door. For VIP areas, a donation of €10 is required.


The 'Premju Soċjeta Ġusta' is intended to become an annual event that will be part of the celebrations that take place during the international disability day, the 3rd December of every year. This year, it is taking place at the Teatru tal-Opra Aurora.

The purpose of the granting of these awards is to celebrate the achievements of individuals and organisations that are supporting a disability rights-based culture. The Government is duty bound to express its appreciation to all those working towards the creation of a more inclusive Maltese society whereby people with a disability, their families and carers have access to the full range of supports to assist independent living and active engagement within their communities. The core principle that will guide these awards is that people will be considered if they are actively seeking inclusive and accessible communities and contributing towards the fact that persons with a disability take part in the community.

The Awards are a true celebration of the progress and efforts made in breaking down barriers, enticing active citizenship and opening doors to realise an inclusive society for all.