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Posted: 22nd March 2018

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#connect2earth –
another Earth Hour for Gozo’s Aurora Opera House.


For the 8th year running, the Aurora Opera House is participating in the global lights-out awareness campaign, entitled Earth Hour. This year, Earth Hour falls on Saturday, 24 March 2018, and every country organizes it at 8:30 pm local time.

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The lights-out event itself aims to empower people to make a difference on and beyond one hour to reach out to the hundreds of millions of people within the community and the global Earth Hour communities. This is an opportunity for everyone to take action for the environment, inspire others with one’s actions, spark off conversation, and make real, lasting impact beyond the hour.


The Aurora Theatre for the 8th year running
The Teatru tal-Opra Aurora will join hundreds of millions of people across the globe in being superheroes for the planet and switch off the lights of our theatre façade for one hour this Saturday.


2018.03.22 Earth Hour 2018 PosterEarth Hour believes that everyone has power to inspire people and make real change. That is why the Aurora theatre has, not only been part of it since 2011, but also advertised it in every possible way through its websites, circular mail-shots and even in the national press. Every year, hundreds of thousands of businesses, governments and NGO’s have stepped forward to lead and make a contribution. Besides, the Teatru tal-Opra Aurora has been part of this planetary revolution by going well beyond the hour. After switching to energy saving lighting fixtures, onstage, backstage and at the front of house, the Aurora heavily invested in solar energy, saving so far, more than 266,000 kgs of carbon emissions. The Aurora has also invested in mobile-controlled switching system in order to curb wastage of electricity which is incidentally left on.

So, while we wait for March 24th to switch off our lights for the world, for an hour, between 8.30pm and 9.30pm (CET), we will continue to promote this noble cause towards the one thing we have in common with our people and the people out there reading this post from wherever they may be; i.e. planet earth. You are more than welcome to take a personal interest, share and promote, and ultimately imitate these efforts.

The Aurora will be joining the Gozo Ċittadella and the Ministry for Gozo in the lights-out initiative in Gozo. Major buildings in Valletta will also be going dark for the hour.

Source: www.earthhour.org

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