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European Opera Days Manifesto. Each year on the weekend closest to 9 May (Europe Day), opera houses in Europe and beyond open their doors to new and existing audiences to celebrate the art of opera and the talent of those who make it.

The European Opera Days celebrate opera as an art form. Their aim is to help bring opera into the mainstream of cultural practice and to enhance its appreciation in today’s society.

2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage: Our Heritage, where the past meets the future. The EU named 2018 the European Year of Cultural Heritage. And it is also the year when Valletta, our capital city, carries the flag on behalf of the Maltese Islands as the European Capital of Culture. So, at this important juncture, here we are, making our accent on opera and opera houses as distinguished agents of culture and European values. #EuropeforCulture

The Aurora Opera House acts as a National Coordinator of European Opera Days to be able to carry out its proposed programme and assist any other opera companies and agents from Malta who might wish to jump on the bandwagon and join the concerted effort.

2018.05.04 EOD Schedule

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Bringing EOD to the Aurora Opera House. European Opera Days at the Aurora arrived as a trial in 2016. And now it’s here to stay! Through events and exchanges, in Vienna, Madrid, Budapest, Brussels and elsewhere, the Aurora Opera House gradually and steadily managed to build a healthy network of professional relationships. It has become enlisted in the international Operabase website for opera professionals and audiences, and established a Maltese-translated version of this website.

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