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Se c'è un 'festa' a Gozo nel mese di ottobre, è sicuramente opera. E si comincia con Carmen al Aurora!

Un'ultima parola o due di venire a Opera a Gozo.

Compliments Lunchtime Concert and Lecture

All'ora di pranzo... Lunchtime concert and opera lecture
Ċittadella Culture Centre (Ċittadella, Gozo) 
For an enhanced opera-in-Gozo experience, the Aurora Opera House is this year proposing a double event on opera day at lunchtime. This will commence with a lunchtime concert by two renowned violin virtuosos - the Gaudos Duo, at 11:00am. Afterwards, opera scholar Abraham Borg will delve into what distinguishes an opera-comique, such as Carmen, from a grand opera, in an interesting opera lecture that allows ample space and time for the public's intervention.
Concert, talk and some gourmet delicacies come at a nominal price of €10.00 per person. Advance booking and payment are recommended. ( / 79045779).


Transport Arrangements
Opera night, pre-/post-performance
For the benefit of those patrons residing on the main island of Malta, who intend crossing to Gozo for the opera and back, the Aurora Theatre always provides transport in Gozo at no extra cost. This transport will be matched with the ferry service that leaves Malta at 6pm.
Anyone interested in using the free Ferry-Theatre-Ferry transport, is encouraged to contact us in advance informing how many persons would require such a service. ( / 79045779).


Compliments Shuttle Transport

Compliments Dinner

Trouble with dining on opera night?
Opera night, pre-/post-performance
Yes we know it can be quite a hassle to dine on opera night. Opera starts at 7:30pm. People plan to come at the opera house around 7pm. So by 6.30pm you plan to leave your house or hotel room. That means you have to eat either before 5:30pm or after midnight. No problem at all. We can help you with that.
Hotel Calypso Gozo
4 star
Marsalforn, Gozo
7-minutes distance by car.
Offering early buffet dinner at 5:30pm, at €25.00 per person. Buffet menu available on request.
Zafiro Restaurant
4 star restaurant, as part of the San Andrea Hotel
Xlendi, Gozo
7-minutes distance by car.
Offering early a-la-carte dinner at 5:30pm
Maldonado Restaurant
Italian/Mediterranean cuisine
Victoria, Gozo
5-minute walk from the theatre.
Offering a late dinner after the opera. (Online booking on their website is available)
Standard restaurant prices apply.
The theatre receives no commission whatsoever.
You may choose to book directly with these establishments, or contact us so we may affect the booking on your behalf.
We're pleased to do the service for you, at no extra charge.
It's just our way of saying "Thank you. We value you".


Parking your car on opera night
Opera night, pre-/post-performance

The Teatru tal-Opra Aurora's main entrance is situated in lower Republic Street on the left hand side (going uphill). Ample free and unlimited parking is available at the Victoria’s central Car Park, only a 100m distance from the theatre premises’ rear entrance. The parking that is usually available outside the main entrance will be restricted on opera night. The main entrance is recommended for mobility impaired patrons.


Compliments Parking

Compliments Dress Code

Dress Code
Opera night

A lot of people ask about this. If you want a guide, assume it's gala for the opera night. If you seek to be like most of the people there, males should don a jacket and tie, or bow, while ladies may choose between long gowns and shorter party dresses. The theatre does not usually restrict access on basis of dress code. However it is always desireable for the audience to wear clothing that is in keeping with the decorum of the opera house.

... PS. You can never be over-dressed for an opera at the Aurora! ;-)


Cloaks and bulky objects
Opera night
There are no cloakrooms, so patrons have to be aware that coats, umbrellas and bulky items have to be kept in close proximities without creating discomfort to others. Coat hangers are, however, provided in the smaller 4-seat boxes.



Compliments Umbrellas

Compliments Tickets

Make sure you've got your tickets
Opera night
Patrons are always reminded to get their tickets with them. Manually-printed tickets from our box office usually come in the green folder. Online tickets received by email are to be printed on A4 sheets. Patrons are kindly requested to ensure that the tickets are clearly printed (no problem if in black/white). It is very important that the bar-code is clearly displayed. Online ticket buyers usually receive a confirmation email. You are requested not to confuse this email with the tickets. The confirmation email is clearly not the ticket. While patrons are always reminded not to forget their tickets, we know this tends to happen. Therefore, patrons who forget their tickets, are kindly requested to stay back until the queue is over. Once everyone is in place, we can check our online database, and of course, if tickets would have been purchased, paid and confirmed, then access will be eventually granted.



Elevator and Accessibility
Opera night, pre-/post-performance
Wheelchair users and mobility impaired patrons may use the passenger elevator. Those who require some time and ease to climb a flight of steps are requested to call at the theatre from the main entrance, 15 minutes prior to the opening of the gates. Ushers are always available to help out wheelchair users before the show (for 1 remaining step at the main entrance) and during the intervals. Toilets for persons with special needs are found in the auditorium level and all levels of tiers. Patrons are kindly asked to inform the theatre personnel beforehand so that arrangements can be made and special care taken.
Patrons are kindly asked to inform the theatre personnel beforehand so that arrangements can be made and special care taken. Since the theatre possesses only 1 passenger elevator, it will be operated by theatre personnel for 45 minutes before the start of the opera, with priority given to elderly, mobility-impaired persons and anyone who requests such a service. ( / 79045779).


Compliments Elevator

Compliments Opera Booklet

Opera Booklets
Opera night, pre-performance
Souvenir programmes are not sold but distributed upon entrance for a donation of €5.00 (or more). Archived programmes can be requested via email. Donations (including postage fees) are to be sent by cheque and the programmes will be sent by mail. Souvenir programmes may be obtained from the main stairway upon entrance or booked in advance. 
You may book your souvenir programme in advance by sending your donation (by cheque or card). Your programme will be delivered to you on your seat prior to the commencement of the opera performance.( / 79045779).


Opera night
Late comers holding stalls tickets will have to wait at the buffer-door until the ushers show them the way to their places at the most appropriate time, which could be as late as the first interval. Late comers holding box tickets may enter upon their arrival, given they take extreme care not to interrupt and create discomfort to other patrons and performing artistes. 

Compliments Latecomers

Compliments Vin d'Honneur

Vin d'honneur
On opera night, during the first opera break
During the first opera break, the Aurora Theatre is, once more, honoured to treat its patrons with an exclusive space with wines, minerals and canapés. With a 1,600-strong audience, some areas of the theatre premises could be quite crowded, so, last year, some found this offer as the ideal place to get a bit of air in a comfortable setting. The standing vin d'honneur will once again be offered at the frescoed halls (1st floor, opposite the theatre hall). It lasts for the duration of the first opera break. Prior booking is mandatory as personalised ticket-coupons will be issued. 

Vin d'honneur tickets come at €15.00 per person. Due to the size and nature of the venue, only 80 persons will be allowed. Hence, it is genuinely recommended that interested patrons book and pay in advance. Catering by Calypso Hotel Gozo. ( / 79045779).