2018.09.05 Luke Azzopardi Profile Image
Andrew Borg Wirth is an Architect and Designer, recently graduating from the University of Malta. Earlier in 2018, Andrew had been commissioned to curate an exhibition piece for Chris Briffa Architects at the 'Time Space Existence' exhibition for the Venice Biennale, entitled Antiporta: A Fading Negotiation. He had previously been engaged for the spatial and graphic design of an exhibition celebrating 100 years of the applied arts in Malta, called 'The Vocabulary of Style', housed at the Parliament Building in Valletta. Other collaborations include the set design behind the Luke Azzopardi couture défilés and creative direction for the first two editions of TEDx University Of Malta. Andrew joined camilleriparismode three years ago and today continues to contribute to collaborations that the firm is a part of. He is a founding member of bloc collective.

Andrew's interests lie in the spatial and physical, fuelled by the architectural discourse and theory he was invested in during his time at University. The method he applies calls for the textual and conceptual, to work in parallel with the graphical and physical. This, in an effort to curate an aesthetic and narrative that tackles each project's aims contextually.