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Sitzreihen A - H: €80.00 (ausverkauft)
Sitzreihen I - R: €70.00 (ausverkauft)
Sitzreihen S - Z: €60.00 (ausverkauft)
Sitzreihen AA-AG: €45.00 (wenige Restplätze)

Logenplatz: €70.00 (ausverkauft)
Erster Rang: €70.00 (ausverkauft)
Mittlerer Rang: €60.00 (wenige Restplätze)
Oberen Räng: €45.00 (wenige Restplätze)
                          €20.00 (Schüler-Tickets*)


1) Patrons may purchase their student tickets online or from the Aurora Box Office. When choosing a seat in the Upper Tiers, the online user is asked to choose between 'Regular' and 'Student Ticket' in the drop-down menu.

2) No identification is required when purchasing student tickets. However, students have to present their Culture Card, Student Card or any other valid identification document at the gate. Otherwise, gatekeepers have the right to refuse access.

3) Student tickets allow access only to students and are not transferrable to other patrons that do not fall within this classification.

4) Anyone presenting a Student ticket at the gate but failing to show a valid identification document at the gate, will have to pay the difference to be granted access.

5) In case of doubt, or if you require any further clarification, you are always encouraged to write to us, via the contact us page.


Montag bis Samstag: 9-12 Uhr und 14 bis 19 Uhr
Sonntags 10 bis 11.30 Uhr

Special Arrangements
The theatre would also like to inform opera patrons that it shall be, once more, offering shuttle transport from the Mġarr ferry terminal in Gozo to the theatre and back. Opera patrons who cross the channel as foot-passengers with the ferry service that leaves Ċirkewwa, Malta at 6pm, will find the coach at the Gozo terminal’s main door. The coach will leave the theatre for the ferry port 30 minutes after the end of the opera. This service is free of charge for opera patrons, but booking by email or via the contact us facility of this website is recommended.

Online Booking
Die Online-Buchung ist ab sofort eingerichtet! Hinterlassen Sie Ihren Vor- und Nachnamen und Ihre Emailadresse. Erlauben Sie uns, auf Sie zuzukommen und wählen Sie dann Ihren Sitz frei aus. Der Bezahlungsprozess ist absolut zu 100% sicher und absolut vertrauenswürdig.


Online sales now closed. Contact the Box Office at the gate-keeping terminal. 

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