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 Il Trovatore - selection

Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)
(instr: A. Giampieri)

Il Trovatore is a Verdi masterpiece, which he was composing around 1852 simultaneously with two other of his greatest operas – Rigoletto and La Traviata. Its plot abounds fiery emotions of love and revenge, and while some may argue that the plot is too complex to be true, no one disputes the genius of the music. Il Trovatore is characterized by its continuous array of melodies, for choir and soloists alike, with the “Anvil Chorus” being one of the best-known choral numbers. The great Enrico Caruso used to say that all you need for a good Trovatore is “the four greatest singers in the world”. A few of these melodies, evoking the successful production of Il Trovatore at this Aurora Opera House, last October 11th, are aptly arranged in a 1949 selection by Alamiro Giampieri.

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