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Price List
Stalls Rows A - J: €35.00
Stalls Rows K - Z: €30.00
Stalls Rows AA - AG: €20.00

Hall Boxes: €30.00 per seat (sold in groups of 4 or 5)
Lower Boxes: €30.00 per seat (sold in groups of 4 or 5)
Middle Boxes: €25.00 per seat (sold in pairs or groups of 4 or 5)
Upper Gallery: Open on demand

Online sales facility is only available for seats in the stalls. Seats in Boxes may be requested by email.

24/7 Ticket Helpline
In order to better serve our patrons, the Aurora Opera House is again operating a round-the-clock ticket helpline. Therefore, anyone wishing to contact us for opera tickets, may do so using any of the following contact points at any hour of the day.

The Most Frequently Asked Question
We are happy to answer any of your questions, but just in case all you need to know is which seats are available and which seats are already sold, here's a very simple answer. The Dark Seats are the available seats. The Light Seats are already sold. Once you click on a selectable seat, the Row Letter and Seat Number should pop up. If that does not happen, it means you are trying to select a seat that has already been sold.

Contact Points
For tickets reservations and traditional purchasing, (cash/cheque)
Mobile helpline: (+356) 79045779
via the contact-us online facility
Personalised appointments (in Gozo) for seating layout viewing and leisurely selection of tickets may be requested via the mobile helpline.

Buy Your Tickets Online

[Online tickets are now closed. Few remaining tickets available at €35.00 and €30.00 at the door. Interested patrons are recommended to be at the theatre between 1830hrs and 1900hrs.]

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