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Making it one memorable night!

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1) What should I wear?
No one shall be refused entry on the basis of ill-dress. However, the ethos of an opera night at the Aurora says: ‘You can never be over-dressed for an opera at the Aurora’. Dressed up, or dressed down, it is always desirable for the audience to wear clothing that is in keeping with the decorum of the opera house.

2) Are cloakrooms available?
No. There are no cloakrooms available. Coats, bags, umbrellas and bulky items have to be kept in close proximities without creating discomfort to others. Coat hangers are, however, provided in the boxes.

3) An opera-night is long. How do I go about dining?
There are several options. Some might prefer to secure an early supper around 1730hrs, making sure they’re ready by 1830hrs. Others might prefer a late dinner, starting around 2330hrs. In the weeks leading up to the performance, the Theatre issues its recommended establishments offering early suppers or late dinners. The theatre restaurant serves drinks and pre-packed snacks on the night.

4) What can I add to make my evening more special and memorable?
The Aurora offers an exclusive vin d’honneur served in our frescoed drawing room – opposite the auditorium’s main door on first floor – during the main break. It includes a welcome drink, free-flowing wines and water and a selection of fine hors d'oeuvre that include cold and warm items and desserts. Specific dietary requirements are catered for upon request. Prior booking is mandatory since the vin d’honneur is restricted for not more than 80 persons. Vin d’honneur requests are accepted by email, phone or online forms.

5) What is the ultimate service of comfort and luxury I may get at the Aurora?
The Aurora Premium Experience gives you the opportunity to make your evening at the Opera even more special and relaxing by securing luxury, style and service in advance. A range of in-house compliments, including high-quality champagne, wines, catering, exclusive butler service and others will be announced as the new Aurora Premium Experience Catalogue is launched in due course. This is exclusively reserved for patrons in Lower Boxes 9 to 15 who will get this five-star treatment at the comfort and privacy of their own box.

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6) Souvenir Programmes
Souvenir programmes are not sold but distributed upon entrance for a donation of €5.00 (or more). Souvenir programmes may be obtained from the main stairway upon entrance, but patrons may book and pay for them in advance, and find their programmes readily available on their seat. Souvenir Programme requests are accepted by email, phone or online forms.

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