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What else I need to know

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1) My homework
You don't need to do your homework to have an unforgettable time at the opera, but watching video clips can be a great way to get excited for an upcoming performance! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube can help a lot. And remember: an opera is not a film. There are no spoilers. We all know they’ll die altogether. So we recommend you get familiar with who’s who, and the story line.

By the way, the opera is sung in Italian and it will have Italian surtitles displayed on the proscenium arch.

2) … …

Before you pose the question; In Aida, there is much more than the triumphal march, but to make it clear, the moment everyone will be waiting for comes in Act 2 scene 2. And please, hold your horses! It is appreciated if you refrain from humming, singing or clapping.

3) Are there any policies or practices I should be aware of?
Understandably, all indoor areas of the opera house have a strict no-smoking policy. Food is not allowed in the auditorium’s stalls area. The use of mobile phones is strongly undesirable, as screen-light emissions disturb neighboring patrons. Patrons are kindly requested not to clap before the music has come to a complete halt and not to leave their seats before the curtain call is over. Other policies are clearly enlisted in the terms-and-conditions sheet issued with entry tickets.

4) Make sure you've got your tickets
Patrons are always reminded to get their tickets with them. Manually-printed tickets from our box office usually come in the green folder. Online tickets received by email are to be printed on A4 sheets. Patrons are kindly requested to ensure that the tickets are clearly printed (no problem if in black/white). It is very important that the barcode is clearly displayed. Online ticket buyers usually receive a confirmation email. You are requested not to confuse this email with the tickets. The confirmation email is clearly not the ticket. While patrons are always reminded not to forget their tickets, we know this tends to happen. Therefore, patrons who forget their tickets are kindly requested to stay back until the queue is over. Once everyone is in place, we can check our online database, and of course, if tickets would have been purchased, paid and confirmed, access will be eventually granted.

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5) Can I get in touch with the Box Office?
Yes of course. You may call our ticket helpline anytime on +356 79045779. If you get no reply, feel free to drop us a text message and we’ll call back. Owing to the voluntary nature of our organisation, the physical box office is not necessarily always open, so dropping by unexpectedly is not recommended. However, our Principal Box Officer will be happy to meet you at your convenience by appointment.

The ticket helpline goes off on performance night, two hours prior to the commencement of the show. That is when the Ticket Helpdesk is set up at the main door of the theatre.


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