2020.10.10 Opera Aida Timing 1

Timing your Aida visit

2020.10.10 Opera Aida Timing 2

1) How long is Aida?
Act 1 – 40 minutes
Act 2 – 45 minutes
Acts 3 and 4 – 65 minutes

2) How many breaks will there be?
In all likelihood there will be one short break between Acts 1 and 2, and one longer break between Acts 2 and 3. There would only be a short pause between Acts 3 and 4. However, this will be defined closer to date.

3) What if I come late?

Prudence is key in this case. Late comers holding stalls tickets will have to wait at the buffer-door until the ushers show them the way to their places at the most appropriate time, which could be as late as the first interval. Latecomers holding box tickets may enter upon their arrival, given they take extreme care not to interrupt and create discomfort to other patrons and performing artistes.

4) What would be a likely time-scale of my opera night?
1715hrs; 1800hrs  Last two suggested ferries from Malta
                                  to make it to the opera on time.
1830hrs   Arrive at the opera house. In case of inclement weather,
                  an earlier arrival is recommended.
1900hrs   Scan your tickets and find your way to your seats
1930hrs   Scheduled starting time of the opera – Act 1
2015hrs   Break
2030hrs   Start of Act 2
2115hrs    Break
2200hrs   Start of Act 3 and 4
2300hrs   Curtain call
2310hrs    Exit from the opera house
2330hrs   Arrival for any late-dinner or ferry
0000hrs  Next ferry service to Malta

2020.10.10 Opera Aida Timing 4

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