Understanding Your Seating Plan



Dark Spots:
Seats Available. When you select these, the seat number appears on your screen.

Light Spots: Seats already booked or sold.

Row Letters: These run from Row A to Z and start from AA to AG. Row A is the front row, while Row AG is the one at the back. The row letters on the seating plan appear in the middle aisle.

Access: Seats may be accessed from the middle aisle (where you see the row letters) or from side aisles.

Slope: The Aurora Opera House auditorium is uniformly raked from Row A to Row AG, facilitating view of the stage from each and every row.

Alternate Seating: Seats are placed in alternate positions so that a patron does not have the head of the person in front right in his face. This means that the aisle seats in alternate rows are protruding.

The inner-most level of boxes are the Hall Boxes. These may be accessed from the theatre auditorium itself, at elevator level 1. They are eye-level with the stage.
The next level of boxes are the Lower Boxes, reachable by the lateral staircase or elevator level 2. These are at level with the Presidential Box.
Then there are the Middle Boxes, also reachable by the lateral staircase, or elevator level 3. These are at level with the lights control room.
Finally, there is the Upper Gallery at elevator level 4. This is one continuous gallery rather than a box. 

If you have further queries, we would be delighted to help you out and assist you.

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