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TOSCA 2014
Price List - Standard Tickets
Stalls Rows A - H: €80.00
Stalls Rows I - R: €70.00
Stalls Rows S - Z: €60.00
Stalls Rows AA-AG: €45.00 (for regular tickets)
Stalls Rows AA-AG: €10.00 (for student-ticket holders)

Hall Boxes: €70.00
Lower Tiers: €70.00

Senior Citizens Special Rates
Senior citizens are entitled to a €20.00 discount on any ticket, in any area of the theatre. This discount is only applicable to tickets requested via email or phone (See Gaulitanus Contact Points below).

Student Tickets
Students may choose any seats in the AA-AG area of the auditorium. After selecting their seats, they have to choose between 'Regular' (@ €45.00) and 'Student' (@ €10.00) ticket options before checking out. Otherwise, they may request the discount when purchasing their tickets via email or phone (See Gaulitanus Contact Points below).

Senior-Citizens-Ticket holders and Student-Ticket holders are kindly requested to present valid documentation upon entrance, in the lack of which, they would be requested to pay the full amount in order to be admitted into the theatre.

Mobility-Impaired Citizens Special Rates
Mobility-impaired patrons and wheel-chair users are also entitled to a €20.00 discount on their tickets. They will be located in accessible areas with good views of the stage, where their placement would not be compromising the health and safety standards of themselves and of other patrons.

Mobility-impaired patrons and wheel-chair users are kindly asked to request their tickets via email or phone (See Gaulitanus Contact Points below). They may be accompanied by other persons holding standard tickets.

Box Office Hours
Monday to Saturday: 9am – 12pm, 4pm – 7pm
Sunday: 10am – 11.30am.
Telephone: 21559452

Online Booking
The Online Booking Facility is available for standard and student tickets! Simply leave your name, surname and email address to allow us to get back to you, and choose your seats freely. The rest of the payment process is 100% safe and strictly confidential.

Gaulitanus Contact Points
Telephone: 9920 9779
Telephone: 9924 8963

    Please note that the online ticket-purchasing is now closed.

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