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Price List

Stalls Rows A - H: €80.00
Stalls Rows I - R: €70.00
Stalls Rows S - Z: €60.00
Stalls Rows AA-AG: €45.00

Hall Boxes: €70.00
Lower Tiers: €70.00
Middle Tiers: €60.00
Upper Tiers: €45.00

Discount Scheme
Patrons who purchase and pay their tickets, from our box office or from our online booking system, until July 31st, 2013,  are automatically entitled to a 10% discount.

Box Office Hours
Monday to Saturday: 9am – 12pm, 4pm – 7pm
Sunday: 10am – 11.30am.

Special Arrangements
In the final weeks preceding the performance, the Teatru tal-Opra Aurora shall announce special arrangements regarding sea transport and shuttle mini-bus service in Gozo.

Online Booking
The Online Booking Facility is now available! Simply leave your name, surname and email address to allow us to get back to you, and choose your seats freely. The rest of the payment process is 100% safe and strictly confidential.

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The event is now past. Therefore the online booking is no longer available for this event. Thank you.
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