Gaulitanus Choir

The Gaulitanus Choir was officially founded in 1990 as Gozo’s only choir not affiliated to a parish or theatre. A mixed choir with members hailing from all over the island, it has regularly organised and appeared in numerous concerts in Gozo and Malta. It has also featured on TV and radio while a few of its concerts are also recorded on CD. Since 2007 the choir broadened its horizons and started organizing an annual Easter-time festival Gaulitana: A Festival of Music, with the participation of local and foreign artists.

The choir has also ventured very successfully abroad performing in England (1995), in Germany(1997), in Holland(1999), in Greece(2001), in Corsica (2001, 2002 and 2007), and in Italy(2010). Moreover, the Gaulitanus Choir has issued three CDs, namely Sacred in Opera and Maria – A Celebration of Marian Hymns, both produced in 2005 as part of the choir’s 15th anniversary celebrations, as well as Gaulitanus at Christmas in 2008.

Throughout the past two decades the choir has built an extensive repertoire - whether secular or sacred – which, significantly, also includes more popular works. Indeed it has presented several large-scale serious works – also including ones by Maltese composers Carmelo Pace, Colin Attard and Joseph Vella – as well as innumerable small-scale serious works, many of which have also been arranged specifically for the choir. Yet the Gaulitanus Choir has also been quite innovative in presenting various light and semi-classical works ranging from Neapolitan songs to Maltese folk, and from operettas to musical theatre, something which was very much well-received by their audiences.

For all these efforts, the choir has also often been lauded by the critics. Significant is the review of one of its quite recent concerts – which presented music from the musical theatre – which opined that: “ light music is taken just as seriously in its preparation and execution as the more serious genres. There is no lack of attention to detail. The projection of dynamics, the crispness in phrasing, the individual piece’s section balance and the emphasis on maintaining a smooth homogeneous sound are all given equal importance.” (The Sunday Times – 19/12/2010)

Throughout these years the choir has also proved to be very fertile ground for soloists. Members of the choir with an aptitude for solo singing, often a mix of new and more experienced faces, are frequently given space.

The Gaulitanus Choir is directed by its founder, Colin Attard, one of Malta’s most active musicians and a key person in the revitilisation of concert activity in Gozo in the last decades. The choir’s resident accompanist is Stephen Attard, himself a composer and a household name in our islands.

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