Free World Fantasy

Jacob de Haan (b. 1959)
Free World Fantasy *

Dutch composer Jacob de Haan is very renowned for his many works for concert band. Free World Fantasy was composed in 1987 following a commission by the Dutch province of Groningen for the celebrations commemorating the liberation. Indeed, the work symbolizes the dream of a free, war-less world, hence its title.

This work is the first in a series of compositions in which De Haan uses a spill-over style which combines classical music with pop music, besides being very reminiscent of film music. Structurally the fantasy is made up of three completely contrasting middle sections: a rhythmic Gently, a lyrical Larghetto, and a bouncy Tempo di Marcia. These are framed within two outer sections based on the same thematic material albeit treated quite differently – at times grandly and in others rather playfully.

*Conductor: Joseph Debrincat