Glass Mountain Profile

 The Legend of the Glass Mountain - soundtrack

Nino Rota (1911-1979)

Italian composer, pianist, conductor and academic, Nino Rota is one of the greatest twentieth century film-music makers. Once a child prodigy, his repertoire includes ten operas, five ballets, and dozens of other orchestral, choral and chamber works. However, he is best known for some film-music that brought worldwide success. Amongst these, one finds the theme Legend of the Glass Mountain for the 1949 film The Glass Mountain. Iconic as it is, Rota’s theme is easily identifiable with the great composer and the film that rose to the status of a #1 box office hit in Britain. Rota adapted the first movement to a symphony he was working on, the Sinfonia sopra una canzone d’Amore – symphony on a love song – and added an overture for the film. It is sung by Tito Gobbi.

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