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European Opera Days 2018 are over but we are now pleased to extend the EOD efforts by another week until the much-anticipated Gozo Alive happening this weekend!

Posted: 18th May 2018

Aurora Opera House in Gozo Alive 

2018.05.18 Gozo Alive News 1European Opera Days 2018 brought some 200 persons into the Teatru tal-Opra Aurora when opera is (by our standards) off-season. More new audiences are continually sharing our passion through guided tours, workshops, events and exhibitions. The 2018 edition of EOD included the preparatory work for an educational 2018.05.18 Gozo Alive News 2initiative for Post-Secondary art students, that will see them interpret opera music in visual arts. Research and educational sessions have already taken place at the Gozo Sixth Form. Eventually, the works of art will be on display on opera-night in October. EOD2018 also included a number of guided tours, available for groups 2018.05.18 Gozo Alive News 3and individual walk-ins alike. Groups as large as 40 were guided around the opera house auditorium, on stage, backstage, into the boxes as well as the lavish 1900's halls. The same VIP treatment was offered to couples and individuals who simply walked-in unannounced, in line with the open-door policy of EOD. This year, EOD also 2018.05.18 Gozo Alive News 4included a photographic exhibition entitled: From the European Capital of Culture, Opera Like Nowhere Else. This photographic journey brings out to light the way opera is done in Gozo which is quite unique. When opera is done on an amateur/volunteer basis, yet up to high professional standards, when opera is done not for 2018.05.18 Gozo Alive News 5financial gratification, when opera is a real community effort, that is opera in Gozo, quite like nowhere else. This is brought to light by a series of file photos and candid photos from the backstage chambers.

Teatru tal-Opra Aurora is now pleased to extend the EOD efforts by another week until the much-anticipated Gozo Alive happening this weekend! We look forward so much to having you.

Guided tours, private viewing // 0900-1300hrs
Our doors our open for guided tours and private viewings on Saturday morning between 9am and 1pm. No prior bookings are required. Once again, it is an open-door policy where everyone is welcome. 

Opera Like Nowhere Else; a photographic experience // open all day
In the meantime, our photographic exhibition about the way opera is produced in Gozo will be open all day. It is on the first floor foyer, accessible from the grand staircase or by elevator (level 1).

Il-Festa Maltija, a glimpse of a community, national or world heritage // open all day
Then, specifically for the main night of Gozo Alive, the ground floor foyers of the Aurora will be proudly hosting and exhibiting one other thing that our people know best - celebrating the Maltese festa, to be more specific and precise, our beloved Santa Marija. That is one big community event that draws crowds in their thousands and people to the streets. It is a community heritage, a national heritage and earmarked to achieve the prestigious world heritage mark. This exhibition featuring all aspects of the traditional Maltese festa will be open all day in the ground floor foyer.

Theatre public viewing // 1900-0000hrs
The Aurora Opera House will then be open for public viewing once again in the evening as Victoria city braces itself to host thousands of people to one big night of celebration.

So join the party and make yourself at home. We look forward to seeing you.

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