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The past weekend has been a very particular one for the Teatru tal-Opra Aurora for more reasons than one, which we are pleased to share with our fellow loyal supporters.

Posted: 20th February 2019

Guiding, screening and recording...

A busy weekend at the Aurora.


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Guiding the Guides
In the series of guided tours that the Aurora Opera House hosts around the year, this weekend we had a very particular group as it comprised some 30 Maltese tourist guides with families and friends. 
Consistent with our philosophy that the opera house is open for everybody, the Aurora Opera House regularly organises guided tours for tourists, private groups and other visitors.

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Last Saturday, we were delighted to host this particular group of Tourist Guides. They were a very interested bunch; interested in how the theatre got to be, how we work, how our supporters sustain us, how opera in Gozo still flourishes and all the nitty gritty stuff of running an opera house.

The group lunched at the Aurora Snack Bar and had the opportunity to listen about the prospects of the major revamp of the catering establishment on the ground floor, envisaged for the coming months. They were then given the guided tour by Matthew Sultana who usually hosts the private tours and also had a word with the Leone Phil. Society President Dr Michael Caruana who welcomed the guests in person and extended our invitation for the guests they have during year.

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Private guided tours organised on demand, but demand is such that their occurrence becomes quite regular so to speak. People simply request the tour by email and that’s done. Easy!

2019.02.20 Guiding, Screening, Recording News Item Image5Retro-Cinema, back to the roots
On Saturday evening, then, the Aurora made a trip down memory lane with the screening of the 1977 hit movie Saturday Night Fever. Many people, here in Gozo, remember the times when the Aurora, between 1976 and the early 90s screened films everyday. John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever was one of them.

The Aurora took the opportunity of the Valentine’s in Gozo programme of events, coordinated by the Ministry for Gozo to test going back to the roots. More than testing, it was a bonanza to all those who, for the sake of a ‘romantic’ weekend, wanted to try something different, and rekindle some nostalgia. Thanks to modern day technology, Saturday Night Fever was screened at the Aurora without too much hassle and a lovely welcoming audience of over 300 people turned up. It was a very lovely evening indeed.

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Our opera, our home, our studio – Sunday morning recording session
On Sunday morning then, the Aurora’s main stage was transformed into a fully-fledged recording studio as the Leone Band, the owner and manager of the Aurora Opera House, recorded a collection of funerary marches. 
Given the size of the performing space and the acoustics it provides, the Aurora stage has, ever since its construction, served as the recording premises for the Leone Band. As with other civic bands on the island, the Leone Band is now preparing for the sacred-cum-traditional celebrations of Holy Week.

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This time round, the band opted to record a collection of funerary marches composed over the years by Colin Attard, conductor of the Leone Band and resident conductor of the Aurora Opera House itself.

The collection of funerary marches will eventually be released for sale on CD and performed during the main cultural events related to Holy Week, notably a concert of sacred music at the Cathedral Church of Gozo and the Good Friday procession. The recording session took place on Sunday morning. John Cauchi was the recording engineer. Colin Attard conducted the Leone Band.

2019.02.20 Guiding, Screening, Recording News Item Image7What’s more? The Aurora Juniors from a Valentine’s special to a Carnival Treat
And as if that wasn’t enough, our youngsters were overly busy themselves with other side events. The Aurora Youth Movement, the social group of teens that meets regularly within our Society, was busy with a bake sale as part of the Valentine’s in Gozo events over the whole weekend. Simultaneously they have been going through dance rehearsals as they shall also be participating in the regional Carnival events being held in Gozo’s capital and other villages.

At the same time, the Aurora Youth Choir, which is largely, the junior section of our chorus, is busy preparing for its Carnival mini-concert entitled: Before We Grow Up. Further information on this concert may be found on the link that takes you to the event page.

Yes, these are special times; these are happy times for the Aurora and its people. With the mini-concert in a few days’ time and 3 other major events on sale, the Aurora continues to remain the theatre with something for everyone as more shows and events of varied genres are in store.

Looking forward to having you with us.

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