14.10.12 Aurora Thanks You news

Foto: Brian Crocker

Il Teatru tal-Opra Aurora desidera ringraziare ogni persona che, in un modo o nell'altro, ha contribuito al successo della produzione e le prestazioni di Giuseppe Verdi Il Trovatore di Sabato scorso. Un successo clamoroso come era, non poteva sarebbe stato possibile senza l'aiuto prezioso di ciascuno.  

Aggiornato: 12 Ottobre 2014

Trovatore Event


A resounding success as it was, it could have not been possible without the priceless help of one and all.

INGLESE: A kind word of thanks goes to the participants, who in addition to their excellent artistic services, made the production stage a very enjoyable theatre experience to all. To them, a very big thank-you and, above all, (both) thumbs up!

Another genuine and heartfelt word of thanks goes to the sponsors and supporters, in their diverse natures and numbers. The way we do opera, at the Aurora, sponsors and supporters share a hefty degree of the success we reach. Therefore, the backup of all those who support us is always welcomed.

Finally, last but not least, a dear and sincere thank-you goes to our esteemed audience. The people thronged every nook and cranny of the theatre, right up to the upper gallery in the fourth floor. They came, (as enthusiastic as we were backstage), well prepared to have a good time, which indeed they had. They came with their positive energy and made it clear to us all that they were enjoying it.

So we thank our loyal audience. Thank you, for being the wonderful audience you have been, thank you for your trust, thank you for your support.

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