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Hip hip, hooray! It's World Theatre Day today! Spare a minute to see what's up a the Aurora today and in the coming weeks and months.

Posted: 27th March 2019

It's World Theatre Day

27th March 2019.

2018.10.13 Tosca Poster
Tonight! Celebrating World Theatre Day
Tosca 2018 Goes On Air

Our massively successful 2018 production of Tosca will be broadcast for the first time, tonight at 2130hrs on TVM2. TVM2 is the second national television station, available for free on local tv channels. But it also streams live on www.tvm.com.mt or here. So, you may share our success wherever you are in the world. This broadcast serves as a tribute to the guild of hardworking volunteers at the Aurora. It is only right that they feel proud with the exceptional work they have done, which the population at home, in Malta and elsewhere, will have the opportunity to enjoy and admire.

Watch Tosca 2018 directly here.



2019.04.06 Manon Lescaut Event Banner

Last few days for Miriam Gauci's return as
Manon Lescaut
Every passing day means a day closer to Miriam Gauci's return to the Aurora stage as she heads the cast of the Gaulitanus Choir's production of <>. The full cast is now announced on our own website. Further information about the 13th edition of the festival may be obtained from www.gaulitanus.com. We highly recommend anyone interested in securing his seats from the theatre's official website or ticket helpline. Click the event image on the right.

2019.04.27 VOYAGER Event Banner

Not your kind of average trip... join us on
42 years ago NASA sent two space probes called Voyager to study the solar system. On it, they included a gold plated time capsule to communicate the story of humans and our planet to any other species. Paolo Mangiola, ŻfinMalta artistic director teamed up with visual artist Austin Camilleri to work on a dance production inspired by this intriguing event. Set to an original electro-acoustic score by Veronique Vella and with original costumes by Luke Azzopardi, come and experience Voyager a performance created for the incredible dancers of the National Dance Company of Malta during their national tour. Tickets are now out on sale and may be purchased online or via the ticket helpline. Click the image banner on the right.

2019.10.12 La Boheme Event PosterAnd after our summer break, we're back with a bang...
La Bohème
Yes. It might look like a summer break but rest assured there's no rest for the wicked... neither is there for anyone involved at the Aurora! Once summer is over, we open our 2019-20 season with what could possibly be Puccini's best! There's no beating about the bush. It's simple and plain. The best seats are flying fast. If you want to secure whatever remains (with the added benefit of a 10% early-bird discount), we strongly recommend to hit the link below and purchase your seats. You may complement your opera tickets with vin d'honneur tokens, transport and other complements. Click the event image on the right.

2019.03.27 World Theatre Day News Banner

World Theatre Day with lots of friends from
European Festivals Association & more,
Today, precisely on World Theatre Day, we're proud and pleased to host two particular groups. In the afternoon we're having an international group of Festival Managers and Artistic Directors from the European Festivals Association (EFA), as they participate in the 15th edition of the Atelier for Young Festival Managers. They will be hosted at the Aurora and given the detailed guided tour around the front-of-house and backstage with insights on the world of opera in Gozo. In the evening, another foreign group, this time, children from Monza (Milan, Italy) will be hosted at the opera house for collaborative exercises with young people as well as a guided tour.