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INGLESE: It is a battle where no one loses and everyone wins. It is a ‘battle’ that keeps two opera houses in good shape and form, in continuous recruitment mode, in a constant creative force to outdo and outshine oneself. It is the battle of the operas in Malta – more precisely, in Gozo, between the people of the Aurora Opera House (and its Leone Philharmonic Society) and those of the Astra Theatre (and its La Stella Philharmonic Society).

Aggiornato: 25 Settembre 2016

Carmen Event IconIT<< The Battle of the Operas >> is a 54-minute documentary film, produced by Claus Wischmann for Arte Television. It is a documentary that captures the essence of the spirit with which operas in Gozo are produced annually. Wischmann and his team visited the island several times, and given the nature of the job, they could not miss for the entire world, the summer festivities of Santa Marija and San Ġorġ in August and July. These church/open-air summer festivities, that blend the sacred with the profane in a most typical Mediterranean flair, have absolutely nothing to do with opera, but they have to do with the same people who – on the same basis and line of thought – do opera in Gozo.

<<The Battle of the Operas in Malta>> is an ode to a communal passion for music. 

It will be aired on Arte TV for the first time on Sunday 25th September 2016 at 2300hrs (CEST). It will be available on demand until 24th December 2016.

The Bayerischer Rundfunk will then re-broadcast it on 6th November while the Norddeutscher Rundfunk will air it on Christmas day.

The programme is on the short list of the Golden Prague Festival and will be screened at the Fipa Festival in Biarritz in early 2017.

Link to the documentary may be found in the Arte Television link below.


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