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Due giorni prima opera di notte, Gozo Channel Co Ltd, l'unico operatore servizio di traghetto tra Malta e Gozo ha appena annunciato la rinegoziazione dei viaggi di notte per accogliere i patroni d'opera maltesi che vorrebbero tornare a casa dopo lo spettacolo.  

Aggiornato: 10 Ottobre 2014

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INGLESE: In simple terms, the new ferry schedule reads as follows:

Ferry Service

From Gozo to Malta

Regularly scheduled 11.45pm trip from Gozo will be postponed to 00.15am. This means that there will be a good 30-minutes time for patrons to exit the theatre at the end of the opera, which is planned to finish at 11.15pm, and another good 30-minutes for patrons to reach their cars, drive and queue for the ferry.

From Malta to Gozo

Consequently, the regularly scheduled 00.20am trip from Malta will be postponed to 00.45am.

On behalf of its esteemed patrons, the Teatru tal-Opra Aurora would like to thank those involved in getting the rescheduling possible for their convenience, namely Gozo Channel Co. Ltd and the Ministry for Gozo.

Land Transport

Patrons are also reminded that the theatre is offering the free-of-charge coach transport in Gozo. It leaves Mġarr at 6.30pm (when the 6pm ferry from Malta arrives). Then it leaves the theatre, 30 minutes after the end of the opera performance, in time for the newly-rescheduled ferry service that leaves Gozo at 00.15pm. Prior booking by telephone or email is recommended and accepted until Friday October 10th.

Patrons using their vehicles in Gozo, are reminded that no parking is allowed in front of the theatre, but ample parking space is provided in the Public Parking that is situated less than 100m away from the theatre’s rear entrance.

Foreigners booking taxi service in Malta to and from the ferry, are kindly informed that a taxi drive should last between 30 and 40 minutes from central Malta, and they need to plan their arrival at the ferry terminal at least 5 minutes before departure time. A taxi service at night should be booked at 00.45am, which is the time when the ferry service arrives back in Ċirkewwa Malta.

Dining in Gozo

The opera Il Trovatore contains 3 breaks – a first and third breaks that last only 10 minutes, and a middle break of 30 minutes, during which one may use the bar on the ground floor. However, it is to be assumed that no full meals will be served. Therefore, patrons are suggested to book/plan their meals either in advance or after the show.

An early dinner should start around 5.15pm, so that by 6.30pm patrons would be on their way to the theatre. A late dinner should be booked not before 11.30pm. Patrons acquainted with Gozitan catering establishments are encouraged to enquire at their own leisure. However, the Teatru tal-Opra Aurora may recommend the following:

Maldonado Restaurant – 10 minutes walk from the theatre. Available for early dinner and late dinner. Booking is recommended via the Maldonado website.

Hotel Calypso – 10 minutes by car from the theatre. Patrons are requested to inquire about the availability by telephone or by visiting the Hotel Calypso website.
Hotel Xlendi – 10 minutes by car from the theatre. Late dinner is available. Other services like hairdressing and make-up services on the day, and late breakfast on the next morning are available for residents. Patrons are requested to enquire by telephone or by visiting the Hotel Xlendi website.

At the Theatre
Those arriving before 6.30pm are encouraged to mingle. Those who need to collect their tickets from our box office the officer, Mr Schembri, will be at his desk. Early pick-up of your tickets would be greatly appreciated.

Patrons are requested to start checking-in their tickets as from 6.30pm onwards. Adequate signs will indicate the proper entry points. Given the high density of people entering the theatre at the same time, the passenger lift will be at the service of the most needy. Therefore, everyone is kindly requested to collaborate with the theatre personnel for the use of the lift. The main auditorium and hall boxes are at level 1, lower boxes at level 2, middle boxes at level 3 and upper tiers at level 4.

Patrons with seats in the stalls and hall boxes (auditorium) are to proceed to the main entry point that is by the main staircase. Patrons with seats in the lower and middle boxes, balconies and upper gallery are to proceed to the lateral entry point, in the billiard hall on the left-hand side of the main entrance.

Student-ticket holders are kindly reminded that their student-tickets need to be accompanied with valid student-identification documents at the check-in gate. Otherwise, patrons have to top-up and pay the full amount in order to be granted access. As such an eventuality is likely to cause unwarranted delays, it is greatly appreciated should student-ticket holders collaborate in advance and adhere to these policies.

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