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Foto: George Scerri (DOI)

ENGLISCH: As we approach the opera night, life at the theatre becomes all the more interesting; more colourful, more assorted, more intriguing… above all, louder and in this case – hotter! 

Bekannt: 9 Oktober 2014

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With all those fumes of love and vendetta, hatred and revenge, torches and pyres are set to bellow in this Verdi masterpiece that the Aurora is bringing to life this Saturday, October 11th 2014 at 7.30pm.

Rehearsals are well underway. Ever since their arrival a few days ago, we have been ascertained of the high-caliber of the chosen cast, led by the main 4 protagonists: soprano Michele Crider as Leonora, tenor Stuart Neill as Manrico, baritone Marzio Giossi as Conte di Luna and mezzo-soprano Mzia Nioradze as Azucena. Fingers-crossed everything turns out as planned, we are cautiously but trustingly confident that our promise of world-class cast will give the yielded return in terms of quality singing and spectacle.

Yesterday, Wednesday of production week was the first rehearsal day with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, led by Marcelline Agius. The entire vocal work from the piano with conductor Colin Attard, and stage cues directed by Novella Tabili were put together and amassed with the orchestra’s playing.

As the auditorium’s aisle and storage areas were filled with musical instruments cases and the hustle and bustle customarily associated with the final rehearsals reached its peak, the Aurora Theatre was breathing the life it was created for. Musicians in the pit, choristers on stage, stagehands backstage, singers in place, seamstresses in the wardrobes department, lights-crew behind their desk, booking officers behind their computers and conductor on his podium. Who else could have been missing?

The only other leader to ask for was theatre/club President Michael Caruana. Actually, he was there as, together with other members of the administrative committee, he welcomed and toured the Hon. Anton Refalo, Minister for Gozo around the theatre. The Gozo Ministry has always been a keen supporter of opera at the Aurora, and this year is no exception. Minister Refalo, who will be in attendance on Saturday night, had the opportunity to follow a few moments of the orchestral rehearsal. He was then invited on stage to meet and greet the artistic director Novella Tabili, singers and choir members. In the guest rooms, he also had a very cordial word with conductor Colin Attard as the rehearsal was on one of its scheduled pauses.

Rehearsals will continue today and tomorrow. On Saturday, then, it is opera night.

Opera tickets are virtually limited to not more than a handful. Anyone interested is encouraged to refer to the Choose your seats page at the earliest to avoid disappointment.

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