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INGLESE: People have been telling us: "Thank you, Aurora, for bringing an extra opera every year!". Indeed, we thank Gaulitanus for choosing the Aurora for another year round, and we thank our esteemed audiences for their unfaltering support. For those of you who have been so far undecided, it's May, so it is time to get your tickets sorted.

Aggiornato: 2 Maggio 2015

Rigoletto Event IconRigoletto Cast and Crew IconAs many of you feel compelled to ask, we answer in advance. Yes, it is another fully-fledged opera, with singers, costumes, scenes, orchestra and everything that opera in Gozo is renowned for. And it has got an internationally-renowned cast too (follow the link). Colin Attard who directs the Gaulitanus Choir (and this 9th edition of Gaulitana: a festival of music) will direct the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra. Production is entrusted in the hands of Enrico Castiglione.
So go on and do secure your tickets now. Just note that in contrast with what we are used to, this opera is on Friday evening (not Saturday) and it starts at 8pm). Tickets are on sale from the Aurora's mobile helpline 79045779, via this email or gaulitanafestival@gmail.com, or online, at €80.00, €70.00, €60.00, €45.00 and €30.00. Students have the opportunity to purchase some of the €30.00 seats at €20.00.

Those of you who would like to book the ferry-theatre-ferry transport in Gozo, are kindly asked to request this service when purchasing their tickets by email or via the ticket helpline.

Still some time for the early-bird offer  (or not much more??) - La Traviata 2015
Saturday, 17th October at 7.30pm.

As many of you should know by now, the Aurora is then presenting its very own production of Verdi's La Traviata, scheduled for October 17th. We are running close to sell-out on this one, with quite a limited number of seats remaining in the stalls. Tickets are on sale from the Aurora's mobile helpline 79045779, via this email or online at €80.00, €70.00, €60.00 and €45.00 with a 10% discount for tickets paid before end-of-May 2015.
Therefore, those who have booked their tickets via the ticket helpline, and have not yet paid for them, are kindly requested to do so before the end of May. You may wish to contact us on 79045779 or by replying this email for further details. After the end of May, the reservations will still hold, but the full value of the tickets would have to be paid in order for tickets to be redeemed.
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