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Djamanti Mużikali al Teatro Aurora  | 6 Dicembre 2014 | Foto: Focus Fotos

INGLESE: People in their hundreds (and thousands) visited the Aurora Theatre last weekend for two separate, yet equally special, events – the much awaited Djamanti Mużikali show and the Winter Moods & Friends concert. People from all walks of life, from children to adults, from elderly to persons with special needs, to commonest of folk, to Her Excellency the President of Malta, had the chance to explore the beauty of our theatre as it hosted two successful productions.  

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Djamanti Mużikali celebrating the national anniversaries

The first was Djamanti Mużikali – (Saturday 6th December) the concert that featured some of the best local talent and some of the immortal Maltese songs that have shaped our nation for the last 50 years. With Gozitan MPs leading the audience, the Aurora opera house auditorium was nicely packed with Gozitans, Maltese and foreigners. It was a very flowing evening, with household names in the Maltese music and entertainment industry following one another on stage, giving life to some well-known classics.

Every singer brought energy on stage, with some of them appealing to nostalgia that dates back a couple of decades. We had artistes that are contemporary and relatively juvenile, others who are well established at the peak of their public appeal, as well as some local legends. Each and every singer was warmly welcomed and eagerly awaited, especially given that many of the tracks to be sung were known and loved by one and all. However, a degree of added anticipation could be felt as Amber Bondin arrived on stage to sing her winning song that would be representing Malta in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest Warrior.

Djamanti Mużikali was rather a long show, but the lack of speeches and presenters made the production quite moving and people were constantly engaged all throughout the night. It was a pleasure for the theatre to work with the Foundation for National Celebrations (Fondazzjoni Ċelebrazzjonijiet Nazzjonali) and the Ministry for Gozo on this event.

Winter Moods and friends…
and the President celebrating diversity

On the next day, (Sunday 7th December) the Aurora opened its doors to something different, but so special in many ways. On one hand it was a fully-fledged concert featuring one of Malta’s most popular groups at the moment – Winter Moods. On another degree, it was an event that celebrated diversity, with the active participation of persons with special needs. On another level, the evening included a formal function – an award-giving ceremony to persons and institutions that work to improve the lives of persons with special needs. Over and above all this, the Aurora Opera House officially welcomed Her Excellency the President of Malta, Marie Louise Coleiro Preca.

Accompanied by her husband Mr Preca, Her Excellency arrived at the theatre shortly after 8.30pm and was welcomed by Dr Michael Caruana, President of the Leone Philharmonic Society. She met the people who frequent our premises on a typical Sunday evening and was then ushered to the guests’ hall where she signed a fitting dedication on the theatre’s VIP autograph book. Then, she joined the audience in the opera house for the concert.

The concert saw the participation of the whole Winter Moods group together with a number of persons with disability joining on stage for singing, for music making or both. It was a fitting celebration of diversity, a tribute to life and a show-off of talents, which the Aurora had the pleasure to host, thanks to the Parliamentary Secretariat of Persons with Disability and Active Ageing. The concert raised funds for the Marigold Foundation who works with people with special needs, particularly children with autism.

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