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The events that surround La Bohème.

Posted: 2nd October 2019

More than just the Opera

Opera in Gozo, opera at the Aurora is more than just the opera performance itself. It is a fine selection of events that make an opera night part of an exhilarating and inspiring experience. It becomes a manner, a custom, a very unique way of experiencing Gozo in a season that recurs annually. La Boheme at the Aurora Opera House is surrounded by a number of events listed here.

Have a look at what might interest, and if you'd like to help us, drop us an email on teatruaurora@leone.org.mt to let us know you'll be joining. We'd be so delighted to prepare your seat.

2019.10.02 More than just opera Picture 3PRE-OPERA TALK
Friday 11 October 2019
1900hrs | National Library, Vajrinġa Street

The Director Speaks:
Pre-Opera Talk by Vivien Hewitt

Stage Director Vivien Hewitt, a worldwide Puccini scholar in her own right, interprets La Bohème as a musical, literary and dramaturgical masterpiece. She will have the opportunity to explain her insights shedding light on her interpretation of the work that will be staged the following day.

Inspired from the academic and schooling nature of the Quartier latin where La Bohème is set, this talk will take place in the classical 19th century environment of the National Library in Gozo, which is housed within the oldest Government School situated in the heart of Victoria City, very close to the historic centre of the town.

The illustrated talk lasts around 45 minutes and will be conducted in English.


2019.10.02 More than just opera Picture 4CITY TOUR BY NIGHT
Friday 11 October 2019
2000hrs | Historic Centre of Victoria

la ville de nuit – Victoria by night

A guided walking tour around the historic centre of the Victoria highlighting the major archaeological, social, religious and anthropological topography of the town and its people.

The walking tour leaves the Gozo National Library to St Augustine’s Square (where a medieval Angevine cemetery once stood), to St George’s Square through Charity and St Mary’s Streets, the oldest streets outside the fortified citadel, to Independence Square, the social centre of the town and the island.

The tour ends in the Victoria Local Council town hall with light refreshments, very close to surrounding cafes that capture the Gozitan version of the spirit emitted by Café Momus.

The walking tour (flat rought throughout) will last around 45 minutes with ample pauses for explanations. It will be conducted in English. 

2019.10.02 More than just opera Picture 5OPERA HOUSE GUIDED TOUR
Saturday 12 October 2019
1100hrs | Aurora Opera House

Opera House Guided Tour

A guided tour around the Aurora Opera House with access to on stage and backstage areas, as well as the late 19th century frescoed guest room and musical archives of the Leone Philharmonic Society (the mother-organisation that owns and runs the opera house). The guided tour includes historical anecdotes from the opera house and the villa that preceded it as well as insights on the opera-in-Gozo factor.

The tour is conducted in English and lasts around 45 minutes.

2019.10.02 More than just opera Picture 6VIN D'HONNEUR AND COMPLEMENTS
Saturday 12 October 2019
1930hrs | Aurora Opera House

Opera Performance: Vin d’Honneur

A standing reception, during one of the opera intervals, with local wines and canapés, in the lavish setting of the opera house’s 19th century frescoed salon, exclusively for 80 persons. Catering is provided by one of the island’s most reputable 4-star hotels with a free-flowing selection of local white, red and rose wines and water. Custom-made arrangements for specific dietary requirements can be made subject to prior reservation.

In true spirit of an opera gala, the opera performance will be complemented by a red carpet photo-op event outside the main entrance of the opera house, welcome drinks and champagne bar. VIPs will be given direct car access to the red carpet. Opera patrons are also offered chauffeur-driven taxi service and shuttle-bus service, as well as pre-ordered opera programmes on their seats.

Prior Reservation is mandatory. Click here.
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2019.10.02 More than just opera Picture 7CITTADELLA GUIDED TOUR
Sunday 13 October 2019
1100hrs | Gozo Cittadella

The history of Gozo and its people as told by its old fortified town

A guided tour of the Gozo Cittadella starting with an audio-visual presentation in English, in the Visitors’ Centre and a short walk-about around the fortification (the walk-about is largely accessible, with use of ramps, lifts and stair-lifts). The tour ends inside the Gozo Cathedral, its bell-tower and rooftop during chime time and its museum with the paintings gallery and silver vaults. (Bell tower and paintings gallery are only accessible with steps).

The Gozo Ċittadella has been inhabited, uninterruptedly since the Bronze Age. For centuries, it has been the political and ecclesiastical capital of the island. Nowadays, apart from hosting the Gozo Cathedral with the seat of the diocesan bishop, it is the island’s most visited cultural site and is a site on the tentative World Heritage List of UNESCO.

The tour lasts 90 minutes, with ample stopping time for personal and group photo opportunities. It will be conducted in English.

2019.10.02 More than just opera Picture 8CLASSICS AT THE CLOISTER
Wednesday 16 October 2019
1900hrs | St Augustine's Monastery, Victoria

Classics at the Cloister

A 45-minute programme of classic instrumental music in the restored 13-century medieval monastery belonging to the Augustinian Friars in Victoria. An international chamber string ensemble will perform a repertoire from the great renaissance and baroque masters in the suggestive environment of the vaulted gallery that frames the central courtyard, where, weather-permitting, guests will be treated to some wines and whims after the recital.

Programme notes in English will be available.

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