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AIDA 2022

Price List
Stalls Rows A - R: €80.00
Stalls Rows S - Z: €60.00
Stalls Rows AA-AG: €50.00

Hall Boxes: €80.00

Lower Boxes 1-8: €70.00
Lower Boxes 9-15: PREMIUM BOXES. See Below.
Lower Tier Balconies A & B: front row seats €80.00, second & third row seats €70.00

Middle Boxes: €60.00
Middle Tier Balconies C, D, E & F: front row seats €70.00, second & third row seats €60.00


Stalls Rows AF-AG: €20.00 (available only by email or telephone)


Enhance your opera experience with a Premium Box which includes a range of bespoke packages. The Aurora Premium Experience gives you the opportunity to make your evening at the Opera even more special and relaxing by securing luxury, style and service in advance. A range of in-house compliments, including high-quality champagne, wines, catering, exclusive waiter service and others will be announced as the new Aurora Premium Experience Catalogue is launched in due course.

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