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The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc all around the world, in certain places, more than others. Thankfully, our country has bore the brunt, so far, with minimal fatalities, but not without massive disruptions to economic and social life. And the Aurora was not immune.

Posted: 24th May 2020

Onto a new new-normal. Aurora Bistro Café open.

We closed doors on Friday 13th March, which was even before a legal obligation was imposed on catering and social establishments. Until then, our new catering operators and us took the opportunity to proceed with the massive renovation project. Social life and cultural activity were practically drawn to a halt, save for some virtual activity, including music education.

In the meantime, we had to miss out on one Verdi masterpiece, Otello, which Gaulitana Festival of Music intended to stage on 25 April. We now look forward to host a Gaulitana production in 2021. Still in the pipeline, one may find Aida, scheduled for 10 October 2020, but it is no secret that we, like the rest of the country, are still striving to foresee the real economic and industrial climate in which an opera production is to be constructed. Rest assured we shall be touching base on this in the near future.

2020.05.24 Aurora Bistro Cafe News Item Image 1But at the moment, we feel we may rejoice in what may be the first step towards a new normal… and indeed it is very new! As the Maltese Government allowed the reopening of catering establishments, (with proper measures in place) the Aurora Opera House, seat of the Leone Philharmonic Society, is now open again with its new Aurora Bistro Café.

Run and managed by the Zammit cousins, partners Joshua and George Marlon, the new design is the work of DAAA Haus (Design, Arts & Architecture Associates). It is evocative of the 1970s look with which the Aurora was born as an opera and band club, while fully respecting the late Victorian architecture of the villa that houses the whole establishment.

The new Aurora Bistro Café, with the freshly restored bay windows is located in the former billiards halls. They temporarily display a digital copy of the early 20th century ceiling paintings, which are currently undergoing restoration. In due course, the Zammit partners will also be upgrading the former snack-bar area from where they will be operating the Blue Lion Gastro Bar, as we complement this with the refurbishment of the main entrance and foyer.

This is the first step in what is to be considered as the new normal.

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This is the first step in what is to be considered as the new normal. No theatre, no visits, no performances so far. It’s just the Bistro Café with spaced-out tables, hand sanitizers upon entry, face-masked service, seated service only and no more than 6 persons in a group. If these regulations prove their worth, we look forward to the next round of opening measures.

But so far, we seem we have something to be happy about, which is the, seriously new new-normal, which you are all welcome to come and explore, any day, anytime between 7am and 11pm.