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How to find us
The Teatru tal-Opra Aurora‘s main entrance is situated in lower Republic Street on the left hand side (going uphill). Ample free and unlimited parking is available at the Victoria’s central Car Park, only a 100m distance from the theatre premises’ rear entrance. Free (90-minute) parking is available outside the main entrance on normal days, but is usually restricted on major performance nights. The main entrance is recommended for mobility impaired patrons.

How to reach us
Given the central location, the theatre is at a walking distance from any hotel or tourist lodging situated in Victoria. Hotels outside Gozo’s capital city may suggest and arrange taxi services at their own discretion. Patrons might also hire private taxi service. For the benefit of Maltese residents and Malta-resident tourists, the theatre provides shuttle minibus service from the ferry terminal to the theatre and back. Patrons are requested to book such a service beforehand through email.

The box office
The box office is situated next door to the main entrance, on Republic Street. On performance night, the box office closes as the gate-keeping terminal is set up, two hours prior to the commencement of the performance. This is set up in the ground-floor foyer, just before the main stairs that lead to the theatre. 

Souvenir Programmes
Souvenir programmes are distributed upon entrance for a donation of €3.00 (or more). Archived programmes can be requested via email. Donations (including postage fees) are to be sent by cheque and the programmes will be sent by mail.

How to buy tickets
Tickets can be bought online from this website or by contacting the box officer by phone, or the media officer by email. Our staff will be happy to offer you the best available seats.

Coming for a performance
Doors usually open 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the performance. In highly patronised events, doors may even open up to 45 minutes prior. It is highly recommended that patrons arrive at the theatre premises 45 beforehand at minimum. During the run-up to a performance, the theatre administration issues press notes suggesting the appropriate ferry services for Maltese commuters.

Dress Code
Dress code for opera nights is Gala. Symphonic concerts usually require formal wear. Other variety shows, drama and mini-concerts require no particular dress code. However it is always desireable for the audience to wear clothing that is in keeping with the decorum of the opera house.

Children admittance
In general, children are admitted in the theatre, when accompanied by an adult who assures that their behaviour is one that respects the conventions and ethos of a theatre. Should their behaviour (just like with any other individual) be of discomfort to other opera patrons or artistes, the theatre administration reserves the right to ask the individuals concerned out. Buggies, carriers and any other equipment are strictly not allowed in the theatre.

Cloaks and bulky objects
There are no cloakrooms, so patrons have to be aware that coats, umbrellas and bulky items have to be kept in close proximities without creating discomfort to others. Coat hangers are provided in the boxes.

Wheelchair users and mobility impaired patrons may use the passenger elevator. Those who require some time and ease to climb a flight of steps are requested to call at the theatre from the main entrance, 15 minutes prior to the opening of the gates. Ushers are always available to help out wheelchair users before the show (for 1 remaining step at the main entrance) and during the intervals. Toilets for persons with special needs are found in the auditorium level and all levels of tiers. Patrons are kindly asked to inform the theatre personnel beforehand so that arrangements can be made and special care taken.

Late comers
Late comers holding stalls tickets will have to wait at the buffer-door until the ushers show them the way to their places at the most appropriate time, which could be as late as the first interval. Late comers holding box tickets may enter upon their arrival, given they take extreme care not to interrupt and create discomfort to other patrons and performing artistes.

The theatre has a strictly no-smoking, no-food-and-drink and no-photography-and-videography policy, with whatever technological means. Patrons are always asked to switch their mobile phones off, especially in electronically-enhanced sound events.

Bars & Catering
The theatre’s only snack bar is on the ground floor. It serves wine, spirits, drinks and a variety of snacks and light meals. Theatre personnel will be glad to indicate nearby restaurants which cater for different budgets, that announce late post-performance dinners. It is recommended that such information is requested by telephone or email.