Bla Kondixin Banner

Victoria Gozo – The management of the Teatru tal-Opra Aurora proudly presents the Gozo show of Bla Kondixin - a comic/satirical show produced by Ideas Alive, on Saturday December 8th, 2012. The performance will start at 8:00pm.

The Bla Kondixin gang is back for the second time round in Gozo, with more seriously funny political satire. Many of the old characters are back but you also get the chance to meet some new ones. Together they will give you the low down behind the high jinx going on in Malta’s political scene.

But with so much going on the production team felt it necessary to publish this very grateful thank you note:

The Production team of Bla Kondixin would like to thank the Government, the Opposition and that other party for providing it with such a wealth of material for this year’s evening of fun and frolics.
MPs of both parties (and the other party) have all contributed most generously, going out of their way to provide the Bla Kondixin team with much inspiration by messing up our daily lives. 
Bla Kondixin would also like to thank all those other willing particpants who have given much time and effort to add their own generous contribution including those in the divorce campaign, as well as Transport Malta and Arriva. 

Thanks to all of these contributors we have more jokes than can be accomodated into a single performance.

Some of the best local comedians and comedy writers have been working hard to make sure that this edition of Bla Kondixin lives up to previous editions’ reputation of a show which provides side-splitting intelligent humour.  Back again to give their view on daily life are  Mario Snits Spiteri (iċ-Ċiklist) and Tanya Scicluna (Lucy Cocciattolo). They will be joined by several new characters, who, no doubt, will soon be destined to a similar fame, or is it infamy?  And we nearly forgot to mention the ever popular Paul Borg Bonaci (Jonny il-Kajboj) who will also share his redneck street-wise thoughts with us (whether we like it or not!).

One very popular element is the music, once again provided by the versatile band whose campaigning during last year’s edition was reason enough for Arriva to deliver on its promise of a perfect service.    A range of well-known songs, delivered in their typical tongue-in-cheek style, will tackle very current issues.  The song lyrics will this year be projected  on the giant screen, so that those members of the audience who are musically inclined can join in, and those who are musically-challenged can at least read and understand what their neighbours are bawling!

An idea of Michael Fenech, Bla Kondixin originated as Bla Kommixin, a festival of satire in 2001 and is now in its eleventh successful year.