The Teatru tal-Opra Aurora, built in 1971-1976 according to plans, designs and decorations of the renowned Maltese artist Chev. Emvin Cremona, can host up to 1600 people. It has got a spacious auditorium, gracely sloped to ease vision and enhance comfort during the shows. It has also got four levels of tiers. At the lowest level, one can find the hall boxes, the entrance of which is from the auditorium itself. Then there are the lower, middle and upper tiers designed to host comfortably four people in each box. Its u-shape design, slope, architectural features, and wise choice of furnishing fabrics and materials including the soffit, endow the Teatru tal-Opra Aurora with perfect acoustics making it an ideal venue for operas and any other musical entertainment.

Scroll down to see stage views from the following highlighted stalls, the tiers, and other views of the auditorium.
* Please note that there are no aisles crossing the auditorium horizontally. There is only one main aisle running vertically from the entrance/exit towards the stage, in between seats 16 and 17

Seating Plan 2