2015.11.27 Extra Seats Added News Image

Foto: Jean-Marc Cafá

INGLESE: Julian’s life may not be so cool, but it certainly appeals to many people. After 2 sold-out matinees for school children, extra seats are being added for Saturday’s public show at the Aurora Opera House.

Aggiornato: 27 Novembre 2015

Online BookingThird-, and fifth-formers from the Boys’ and Girls’ state and church secondary schools in Gozo were captivated by the story of Julian and the people that surround his not-so-cool life. Hats off to actors, director, scriptwriter and the technical team, as it is no secret – having secondary students enthralled and enthusiastically silent for more than an hour, with no interval, is no easy feat.

One of Malta’s largest indoor stages – the Aurora stage – was transformed into a combined stage-and-auditorium. The very intimate atmosphere meant that the young audience became at one with the actors, the plot, the relationships and the dilemmas that prevailed. This helped Julian, and his ‘friends’ appeal to a rather strong number of people, so much so, extra seats are being added for the Saturday evening public show.

Therefore, anyone wishing to secure the last few remaining (and newly-added) seats, is encouraged to call the ticket helpline 79045779 or email on teatruaurora@leone.org.mt. It was originally intended that a few tickets would remain on sale at the door, but as things stand, this cannot be guaranteed.

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